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1978 Team Canada World Field Championship Gold

It was a stunning comeback that some have come to call “the Miracle n the Mud.”
After losing to Team USA in round robin play (28 – 4) the two teams came together again in the Gold Medal came with Team Canada scoring late in the game to tie the score and then scoring the game winning goal in overtime!

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1982 Team Canada Women’s Field Lacrosse Part 1

Women’s field lacrosse in Canada had very humble beginnings. There were two small programs operating out of British Columbia and Ontario. The women who played in these programs were mainly versed in box lacrosse. One day, a huge opportunity presented itself. Brine had stepped up to sponsor the first Women’s World Lacrosse Championship.

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The Nations in 80 – World Championship Box Lacrosse (as told by members of the 5 teams)

Nations ’80 – There are certain stories that are simply legendary. Bigger than a single individual, they affect sport in a major way. One of these stories is that of the Nations 80 Cup, an event that laid the groundwork for the future of lacrosse. I It would lay the groundwork for the first FIL (now World Lacrosse) sanctioned World Indoor Lacrosse Championship in 2003, and also the beginning of the Iroquois National Team Lacrosse program.

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Bill C212- Canada’s National Summer Sport

Throughout recent history, the fortunes of the game of lacrosse have ebbed and flowed. While the game has enjoyed some great times, it has also endured some undeniably bleak ones. Yet Lacrosse continues to fight back from the precipice during the tough times and has established itself on better footing. Its survival is uncanny and almost magical.

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