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1908… The Season that ended with a Bang

n the early days of lacrosse, the rivalry between the New Westminster Salmonbellies and Vancouver Lacrosse Club was fierce, intense, and heated. Tension and hostilities often erupted and bled out on the field and sometimes into the stands. Skirmishes between the two teams, and their loyal supporters, were not an uncommon sight. This is the story of one season, one particular game in fact, held over one hundred years ago that resulted in the season ending with a bang… literally!

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Lacrosse in Victorian popular music

As strange as it may seem to modern audiences of both popular music and the game of lacrosse, almost as soon as lacrosse took hold over the young Dominion of Canada in the late 1860s, composers were inspired to write music whose melodies were deemed reflective of the qualities exemplified by its game play.

Clearly the best known music composition would be the song La Crosse, Our National Game, words by James Hughes and the music arranged by Toronto teacher and choirmaster Henry Francis Sefton [ca.1808-1892] in the mid-1870s

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Lights Camera Action 1938

Lights Camera Action 1938. The casting call went out – Hollywood wanted lacrosse. Don’t go, warned the Canadian Lacrosse Association, or you will face a two-year suspension. Warning ignored, some 40 players, coaches and assorted hangers-on succumbed to the seductive harmony of “California, Here I Come”. And so, the Canadian boys of summer trooped off to the warm climes of Southern California to take part in the newly formed Pacific Coast Lacrosse Association.

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East West Brouhaha

Imagine, if you can – squeaky-clean John Allen being branded a lacrosse “outlaw” and suspended indefinitely by the Canadian Lacrosse Association. Wild! And so were Ray Beech, Al Maclean, John Hansen and Harry Woolley. Banishment would seem unimaginable. Well, perhaps it’s believable for Woolley-bully, but not for the other four goody two-shoes from Victoria.

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