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ONWARD Lacrosse – April 2022

“On behalf of the board of directors I would like to welcome you to the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame’s newsletter, the Onward Lacrosse! I hope you enjoy these and future stories honouring the greats who played the game we love, the builders who ensure there is a game to play as well as the Indigenous Peoples who created and gave us all the wonderful game of lacrosse.” – Matthew Black

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ONWARD Lacrosse January 2023

In this issue:
“Preserving the Legacy”
“A Miraculous Upset” 1978 World Lacrosse Championship – Bob Allan
“Its up to you” – Nominate “A Great One” to the the Hall of Fame
“A Lacrosse Minute” with John Grant Sr, and Jim Wasson

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Stained Glass Window from the M.A.A.A. now displayed in the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame Museum in New Westminster. Note the winged wheel logo on the jersey of this lacrosse player.

Logo of the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association

The Montreal Amateur Athletic Association came into existence June 1881 and began as a confederation of three sporting clubs: The Montreal Snow Shoe Club, The Montreal Bicycle Club, and The Montreal Lacrosse Club.
Logo of the Detroit Red Wings

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ONWARD Lacrosse – July 2022 #2

“Growing the Heritage” must be more than just collecting the significant events, traditions, and contributions of the various lacrosse communities across Canada – it must be about making them visible throughout Canada, both to existing lacrosse communities and to the general public. Canada’s Summer National Sport deserves no less!
How can the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame accomplish this? Through partnerships with the communities we serve!

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ONWARD Lacrosse July 2022 #4

July 2022 Week Four – In this issue:
1. “1982 Field Lacrosse Memories” by Vicky Brkich
2. “The Greatest Jr A Team Ever” by Dean McLeod
3. “un plus un = 2” by Pierre Filion
4. “A Lacrosse Minute” with Alan Luciuk

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