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Ross Powless Indigenous Sports Heroes

Though he was a fierce competitor, he had a reputation of always playing the game fairly and with integrity. As a Mohawk athlete, Ross had to withstand tremendous racism from fans and players during games played in other communities. He overcame this challenge by being the best player that he could be, and the highest-scoring athlete. During his athletic career, he received just about every honour available to a lacrosse player.

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Bill Isaacs Indigenous Sport Heroes

This is the story of the sport’s first superstar, Mohawk lacrosse player Bill Isaacs, and his rise to fame. As the youngest of six brothers in a family passionate about the sport, Bill was introducedto box lacrosse at an early age. From the time Bill was old enough to hold a lacrosse stick, he showed a special connection with the game passed onto him by his forefathers.

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1991 Mann Cup

For Dave Durante, it was an incredible high to end his 18-year, WLA career which saw the Dude score 609 goals and 900 assists for 1,509 points in 552 games.

And, for the New Westminster Salmonbellies, it was the fourteenth box lacrosse national championship, five more than any other team.

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1968 Box Lacrosse First Pro Championship

1968 Box Lacrosse First Pro Championship. The delirious crowd gave Sepka a five-minute standing ovation and, wouldn’t you know it, the goal was the nineteenth of the game – the number Sepka had worn since he turned senior 14 years earlier.

It was Cliff’s finest hour – a time to hang up his pads and go happily into retirement, the first pro boxla title in his pocket, the MVP medal around his neck and the roar of the crowd ringing in his ears.

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