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The Nations in 80 – World Championship Box Lacrosse (as told by members of the 5 teams)

Nations ’80 – There are certain stories that are simply legendary. Bigger than a single individual, they affect sport in a major way. One of these stories is that of the Nations 80 Cup, an event that laid the groundwork for the future of lacrosse. I It would lay the groundwork for the first FIL (now World Lacrosse) sanctioned World Indoor Lacrosse Championship in 2003, and also the beginning of the Iroquois National Team Lacrosse program.

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Lally Trophy

.Why not, then, establish an annual series between Canada and the U.S. under the auspices of the Canadian Lacrosse Association and the U.S. Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association? CLA president Joe Lally (1363 – 1956), a true-blue lacrosse nut from Cornwall and brother of Lally stick factory founder Frank Lally, donated a trophy of an.original bronze base-relief of lacrosse players in action, mounted upon an ebony background.

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