Category: History and Mission

1966 Montreal Meeting of the CLHOF

In Montreal on in January 1966 representatives from the Board of Governors of the Hall of Fame, Eastern and Western Selection Committees and the Canadian Lacrosse Association met at the annual meeting of the CLA and named Charter Members of the Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

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History of the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame

The charter was awarded in November 1964, and the Hall of Fame was incorporated under the Societies Act in 1965. Selection committees were appointed in both the East and West to name the charter members. The committees met in Montreal on January 19, 1966, and 48 founding members were inducted.

On May 17, 1967, Tom Gordon, then President of the Canadian Lacrosse Association, officially opened the Hall of Fame premises, located in New Westminster’s Centennial Community Centre. Prior the opening of the new premises in 1967, the hall’s museum had been located at the New Westminster Museum & Archives on Royal Avenue. The Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame was incorporated in November 1970. Since then, a steady flow of historical and championship pictures, famous lacrosse player’s sticks, sweaters, plaques, medals and trophies have been donated for display.

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