Bill Isaacs Indigenous Sport Heroes Digital Book

Courtesy of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame:

“Bill Isaacs had a successful and lengthy lacrosse career at a time when Indigenous athletes had very few opportunities to compete in mainstream sports.

This is the story of the sport’s first superstar, Mohawk lacrosse player Bill Isaacs, and his rise to fame. As the youngest of six brothers in a family passionate about the sport, Bill was introducedto box lacrosse at an early age. From the time Bill was old enough to hold a lacrosse stick, he showed a special connection with the game passed onto him by his forefathers.

To honour this, he spent countless hours with his two older brothers, Wade, the eldest, went to Montreal while Lance and Bill started theirprofessional careers with the Haldimand Rifles, leading the team to
victory in the Ontario Championships in their first year. In the final series, young Bill scored an unbelievable 11 goals in just two games to lead his team to the provincial title.

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