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The website makes available a wealth of CBC Radio and CBC Television clips from more than 75 years of broadcasting – a number of them cover the world of lacrosse  and they can be found by folowing the link(s) below.

CBC Digital Archives – Lacrosse: A History of Canada’s Game

“The First Nations began playing the sport more than 500 years ago. Today lacrosse not only remains an integral part of native culture, but is played by thousands of people across Canada. From its origin as ‘The Creator’s Game’ to the overwhelming popularity of the Toronto Rock and the modern game, lacrosse has survived the test of time after treading down a long, controversial path that led it to become recognized as Canada’s official national sport.”  The table below includes links to all broadcasts listed on the archive page as of June 24, 2016.

Many News stories may also be found on the site.

TelevisionMarch 3, 2003The Healing Power of the Great Game of Lacrosse

“How lacrosse saved the Nunavummiut community of Kugluktuk.”

Russ ShepherdPeter Mansbridge / Jennifer Tilden


Radio Lacrosse on the Six Nations Reserves

“A look at the role lacrosse plays on some Six Nations reserves.”

Wayne Gretzky, Scotty Hill, Larry Hinebuck, Delmore Jacobs, Tom Montour, Ross PowlessRobin Brown


Radio Lacrosse: The tale of Mong the loon and Kaikak the hawk 

“Inside Track’s Robin Brown recites Why Birds go South in Winter, an old story of Mong the loon and Kaikak the hawk, and how the outcome of their lacrosse game resulted in the onset of winter.”

  Robin Brown


TelevisionSept. 25, 2002Lacrosse: Not just a game for boys

“Lacrosse’s popularity is growing, especially among women.”

Kristina Koroloff, Todd Pepper, June ShiraishiBen Chin / Debbie Lightle Quan


RadioMay 9, 2001Not your average lacrosse team

“In 1957 a group of Victoria youths came together to form a lacrosse team. The majority of the ten- and eleven-year olds who made up the club were Indo-Canadians. Though they had never picked up a lacrosse stick in their lives, Punjab United went on to win six consecutive provincial championships.”

Nirmal Dillon, Paul Pallan 


elevisionApril 23, 2000 Gait family are lacrosse’s biggest attractions

“They’re lacrosse’s answer to Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan. Canadian brothers Gary and Paul Gait are the biggest superstars of the National Lacrosse League, rewriting the record books and changing the way the game is played with their unique, physical style.”

Gary Gait, Paul Gait, Mike Lachappelle Tom Harrington


Television May 14, 1994 The incredible revival of lacrosse in Kanesatake 

Tracing the history and revival of lacrosse in Kanesatake

Steve Bonspille, Garry Carbonnell, Dave Nadeau Tom Harrington


Television July 16, 1998 Nova Scotia lacrosse heroes celebrate 25th anniversary

Commemorating the 1973 Nova Scotia lacrosse team 25 years after their silver medal at the Canada Games. 

Gary Bottomley, Rick Gautreau


Television Feb. 18, 2000 Professional lacrosse makes it big in Toronto 

The amazing sucess story of the Toronto Rock

Les Bartley Debbie Lightle Quan


Television May 6, 1993 Lacrosse: Keeping the game’s history alive 

The unique craft of making wooden lacrosse sticks

Mathew EtienneFiona Downey


TelevisionDec. 8, 1982‘To play lacrosse you have to be tough’

A look into the ‘tough’ world of lacrosse.

 Chris Makepeace


Radio Aug. 9, 1989 Lacrosse: the game that refuses to die

“More than ever, the Canadian sports market is crowded with big-city franchises, pushing lacrosse to the edges. Yet the spirit of the game still lives in the community of Brooklin, Ont., where hundreds of residents pack into the Luther Vipond Arena to watch the Brooklin Redmen. On CBC Radio’s Morningside, sports historian Bill Humber explains why lacrosse has flourished in Brooklin and how the game has become the sporting lifeblood of small towns and communities across Canada.”

Bill Humber Ann Medina


Television Aug. 9, 1978 Lacrosse takes the Commonwealth Games by storm

Lacrosse draws new fans as the demonstration sport at the 1978 Commonwealth Games.

 Ted Reynolds


Radio April 2, 1957 Lacrosse is in a state of crisis

“With the ascent of hockey in Canada’s sporting consciousness, lacrosse’s popularity has slowly dwindled away by the 1950s. Crowds have virtually disappeared. One-time great lacrosse clubs have folded and communities that had been lacrosse strongholds have now become hockey hotbeds. Lacrosse’s big problem is that it has failed to keep up with the times by instituting rule changes to make it more exciting. In this CBC Radio clip, Bill Good looks at what’s being done to revive the game.”

 Maria Barrett, Bill McNeil / Bill Good


Radio June 26, 1964 Lacrosse, originally an old Indian game called baggataway 

“It’s a sport with a rich and fascinating heritage dating back centuries. Lacrosse, derived from the Native game of baggataway, was Canada’s most popular sport before ice hockey came along. In this CBC Radio clip from Over The Hill, Miller Stewart examines the history of the sport, taking listeners on a journey back in time to when North America’s Natives first played it, through the late 1800s when the game flourished, to today’s modern game.”

 Miller Stewart


Television Sept. 27, 1954 Peterborough wins lacrosse’s 1954 Mann Cup 

Peterborough Trailermen defeat Victoria Shamrocks in the 1954 Mann Cup.



Radio The Mann Cup: Canada’s signature lacrosse event

“Good goes on to regale listeners with the remarkable story of how the New Westminster Salmonbellies have defeated the Mimico-Brampton Combines in the final of lacrosse’s Mann Cup.”

 Bill Good



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