1967 Recreation of Kahnawake and Montreal Lacrosse Club Game 1867

In 1967 the Canadian Lacrosse Foundation hosted a celebration of 150 years of Lacrosse in Canada with a series of events including two re-enactments.  

150 anniverary Kahnawake vs McGill

Following the traditional game, Kahnawake and McGill University players reenacted a game between the Caughnawaga Indians and the Montreal Lacrosse Club from 1867.


You may re-experience this historic weekend through “Our Country and Our Game: The 150th Anniversary of Lacrosse”, a 30-minute video recap containing footage from the various events – a historical re-enactment that illustrated the transformation of lacrosse from a traditional game played by the First Nations to a formalized sport, a lecture series featuring prominent authors and academics, and a traveling exhibition of historical lacrosse artifacts and photos – along with interviews from various members of the lacrosse community.

2017 Celebration Event Video

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