Frank Lawrence Induction Video

Frank Lawrence’s commitment, beginning in 1990, to lacrosse has expanded over 30 years. Along with being a referee, his commitment to lacrosse includes involvement as a team executive, league executive, team manager, coach, and unofficial Ambassador for lacrosse

Mr. Lawrence’s major strengths have been as an on-floor game
official, Referee-In-Chief, Supervisor, and Mentor for numerous leagues, tournaments, games, and young officials. His involvement goes beyond Ontario and includes participation at the National level in Canada and involvement at the international level across the World.

Frank is highly respected for service as a Referee Supervisor, Referee-In-Chief and Mentor. He has been a driving force of the development of referees for both Box and Field lacrosse. His efforts are outstanding in regard to dedication to developing referees for the sport which included being heavily involved in the development of Ontario’s Referee

This program has produced some of the very best officials in the World including over 30 officials in the NLL coming from this program.
Mr. Lawrence has officiated OLA lacrosse for over an estimated 2500 games in both box and field lacrosse. He is respected for his expert knowledge of the rules of the game and exercising sound judgement during games at all levels he officiated. Mr. Lawrence continues to serve as a role model and mentor to countless young officials. In addition, Frank Lawrence has been a great Ambassador for the game of lacrosse – across Ontario, within Canada and across the international lacrosse community.

What did you first think about and feel when hearing the news of your induction into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame?
When I received the email informing me that I had been inducted I was very surprised and honoured to be amongst the Referees and Builders before me that mentored and trained so many.

What are one or two special or memorable moments or achievements that you feel were special highlights in your lacrosse career?
The greatest successes of my career came through Ontario’s Qualifier Program, helping to develop up and coming officials to further their careers as Lacrosse Officials by Referring in the Jr. To Major Leagues and many going on to Referee in the NLL.

Were there any critical decisions that changed your path?
Being selected to Referee and Assess at Several World Championships really opened my eyes to the vision Stan Cockerton had regarding Lacrosse being reintroduced to the Olympics. Stan devoted much of his time as the President of World Lacrosse, recruiting European countries and encouraging them to join the World Lacrosse Organization. I spent a lot of time helping develop officials in Europe, preparing them to Referee at World Championships.

Are there special individuals whose support or influence made a difference in you.
I would especially like to thank Glen Flipance from Burlington for encouraging me to attend my first Referee clinic. My mentors, Gary Martin, Harry Benham, Terry Morneau, Jim Richardson, John Herd and especially Zone 9 Executives for supporting me with the many changes we made to recruit and support minor Referees. The biggest influence in my Field Lacrosse career was Jim Price. Jim’s main objective was to never jeopardize the Field Lacrosse game by allowing the box lacrosse game to creep in, (cross checking, slashing, fighting and disrespecting the Referees).

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