Darren Reisig Induction Video (Class of 2023)

Over the course of his storied career Darren Reisig has contributed to the success of teams in Jr A, Sr A, and professional box lacrosse. In addition to these Darren has played in two World Championships with Team Canada in 1994 and in 1998.

Darren’s Championship events included the 1988 World Championships Silver medalists; 1988 Esquimalt Legion Minto Cup Champions; 1997,1999, 2003 Victoria Shamrocks Mann Cup Champions. Daren also was a member of 3 professional NLL teams (2002-2004 Vancouver Ravens; 2004-2006 San Jose Stealth; 2007 Portland Timbers).

Reisig’s individual honours span the entire breadth of his career including 1987 Esquimalt Legion Rookie of the Year; 1989 Esquimalt Legion Top Scorer; 1989 BCJALL First Team All-Star; 1995 WLA MVP; 1995 CLA Bill Ellison Trophy MVP (Playoffs); 2002 NLL All-Star; and in 2010 he was elected to the Victoria Shamrocks Hall of Fame.

What did you first think about and feel when hearing the news of your induction into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame?

Honestly – many mixed feelings. I’ve been around this game since I was 5 and am still very active within the lacrosse community. Receiving the news was kind of surreal. Even though I had been told a few weeks prior to the official announcement the news of being recognized by the CLHOF was met with great honour and somewhat humbling too at the same time.

When told it started many thoughts of reflection and the many teammates, coaches as well as family and friends who had played such big roles in the whole experience.

What are one or two special or memorable moments or achievements that you feel were special highlights in your lacrosse career?

Playing for the same Sr team (Victoria Shamrocks) for my entire 15 years and being fortunate enough to participate in 6 Mann Cups, winning 3 with so many hometown and lifelong friends for most of those years. Captaining the 2003 Mann Cup team was an amazing finish for my years played in Victoria

  • Playing for my country in 94 and 98 (where we were so close) was very special
  • Playing alongside and as teammates with so many mainland rivals when many of us started with the Vancouver Ravens in 2002

Were there any critical decisions that changed your path?

 None that I can really think of. I always loved to play the game and loved to compete. I was lucky enough to have coaches see abilities within and push me to always be better and play at my best possible

Are there special individuals whose support or influence made a difference in your journey?

Now as someone who has ‘more experience in life’ looking back its probably most important to thank my wife (Lori), two daughters (Sydney & Sierra), and parents for their support and sacrifices that allowed me to be away from home often to play the game.

So many incredible teammates and coaches that I had the amazing good fortune to compete with, grow with, and learn from that there are too many to mention with the risk of leaving someone one out But….longtime teammates and lifelong friends Grant Hamilton and Rob Desormeaux are likely at the front of that long line of great teammates. Watching, listening, paying attention to and playing with guys like Kevin Alexander, Gary Gait, Mike Simpson, Chris Prat, Neil Doddridge, Rick Brown, Art Webster, Dave Bremner, Curt Malawsky, Dan Stroup, Andy Ogilvie, and so many more was an honour.

Lastly and probably most important as well as being the most influential in my life and lacrosse are two amazing men who are no longer with us. The first is my father, Phil Reisig and the second is my coach, (and friend) Chris Hall.

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