Women’s field lacrosse in Canada had very humble beginnings. There were two small programs operating out of British Columbia and Ontario. The women who played in these programs were mainly versed in box lacrosse. One day, a huge opportunity presented itself. Brine had stepped up to sponsor the first Women’s World Lacrosse Championship. The Canadian women wanted to be part of this historic event – The IFWLA Brine Women’s Lacrosse World Cup. Members of that storied team were brought together to tell their story in celebration of Women’s History Month.

The interview is an exclusive two-part presentation that will take the viewer through the incredible story of committing to England, forming the team and being labelled the team most likely to finish last in the tournament. Part 1 provides all the background leading up to tournament play in Nottingham, England. Part 2 will pick up as the official games begin and it will air the following Wednesday. The whole story is compelling and “must” viewing for all those who have interest in Canada’s lacrosse history.

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