The Nations in 80 – World Championship Box Lacrosse . There are certain stories that are simply legendary. Bigger than a single individual, they affect sport in a major way. One of these stories is that of the Nations 80 Cup, an event that laid the groundwork for the future of lacrosse. It featured five international teams travelling to British Columbia for the first truly international box lacrosse festival: Australia, Canada East, Canada West, North American Natives, and the USA. It would lay the groundwork for the first FIL (now World Lacrosse) sanctioned World Indoor Lacrosse Championship in 2003, and also the beginning of the Iroquois National Team Lacrosse program.

Members of the five teams and knowledgeable spokespeople tell the story from their own unique perspectives. Join Dave Evans (Australia), Stan Cockerton, Wayne Colley and John Dalgliesh (Canada East), Frank Nielsen, Greg Thomas and Dan Wilson (Canada West), Jeff Gill, Lewis Mitchell and Dave White (North American Natives), and Craig Moore (USA) in a wide-reaching retelling of this major world tournament.



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