1982 Canadian Women’s Field Lacrosse Team History

If you are reading this and you are a female who currently plays box or field lacrosse in Canada, you are able to do so because of those individuals who persevered to build the women’s box and field games in our country despite the lack of support from lacrosse associations, despite the discrimination and despite the lack of funding to facilitate and promote any version of the women’s game. With all of these obstacles, it really was a miracle that Canada was able to field a team for the world lacrosse tournament in 1982. We have always had the athletes ready to play, but rarely any support to develop those athletes.

To all my 1982 teammates and coaching staff: Enjoy this journey back in time! Thank you for sharing your memories and memorabilia with me! Most importantly, thank you for what you have done for the growth of girls and women’s lacrosse in Canada!

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1982 Canadian Women’s Field Lacrosse

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