Throughout recent history, the fortunes of the game of lacrosse have ebbed and flowed. While the game has enjoyed some great times, it has also endured some undeniably bleak ones. Yet Lacrosse continues to fight back from the precipice during the tough times and has established itself on better footing. Its survival is uncanny and almost magical.

One of those difficult times was the end of the 1980’s, which saw Lacrosse in dire straits. Internal mismanagement and the Federal design to cut off funding to non-Olympic amateur sports were threatening to deal lacrosse a fatal blow, and it was unclear what would need to be done to ensure the survival of the game as it existed.

When things seemed at their worst, a few fearless souls whose passion for the game overrode their practical tendencies stepped up to fight the good fight. Their idea, to create Bill C212, would prove to be one of the most creative and difficult maneuvers the game had ever seen, and one it desperately needed to succeed. This story tells the tale of the six-year struggle that ensued as the sport pushed for Bill C212, which established lacrosse as Canada’s National Summer Sport.


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