Trish Nicholson – CLHOF  2022 – Longevity & Accomplishments are Exceptional!

Trish Nicholson has been involved in various sports her entire life. Her lacrosse career began at age 13 when she played bantam level box lacrosse with Richmond Roadrunners Minor Lacrosse Association. She played with Richmond Senior Women and Burnaby Kirby’s Klipettes in subsequent seasons.

Standing 5’10” and weighing 160 lbs., beginning in 1983, she joined the B.C. Selects Women’s Field Lacrosse Team – a team inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 2014. This legendary team won eleven consecutive National championships. Trish also played for the Canadian National Women’s Field Lacrosse Team in 1986 and 1989 World Cups.

During her four decades as a lacrosse player, Trish played for numerous teams in both field and box lacrosse. Beginning in 2000, she has played with the Richmond Men’s Field Lacrosse (Masters) Team, the Richmond Men’s Box (Masters) Lacrosse Team, Richmond Women’s Box Lacrosse Team, Delta Islanders Women’s Box Lacrosse Team, Vancouver Burrards Women’s Box Lacrosse Team and the Burnaby Burrards Women’s Box Lacrosse Team. When her career as a player ended, Trish Nicholson took up coaching, still wanting to be involved and giving back to lacrosse. 

When asked her reaction upon hearing she was to be inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame, Trish Nicholson stated – “When I got the phone call from David Soul I was in shock. I thought that he may have called me to ask me about some athletes I had played with or possibly coached, but I didn’t even think that the Hall of Fame was somewhere in my future”.

In reflecting upon particular highlights of her lacrosse career Trish shared the following – “I have had so many wonderful moments in my never-ending lacrosse career, it was what kept me playing for so long. But I have to say that playing with the BC Selects for 11 years and travelling to the United States on tour with my teammates is what comes to my mind. We never had much money or funding so we always did a tour on the cheap with bargain rental cars and billeting in people’s basements or dodgy motels. That team had played together for so long, everything just seemed to click and we played with such confidence and for the sheer fun of it, even if we had the cheapest uniforms and sputtering rental cars. Also, winning 11 straight National Championships with this team was like a dream for me. No other team I have played on in any sport was as dedicated or focussed on playing to their potential as this squad. I was so lucky to have been involved with them”.

Elite athletes such as Trish Nicholson know many factors were involved which led to the success achieved. Trish is quick to acknowledge – “I am grateful to many people for encouraging me during my career but first and foremost, I would not have even picked up a stick if it wasn’t for my Grade 8 Phys. Ed teacher and future teammate, Vicky Brkich. She introduced me to organized, competitive sport during Junior high school and I never looked back. As well, my coaches who pushed me to train and excel. Roger Ross in my box lacrosse days and Dave Evans and Michelle Bowyer in my time in field lacrosse. These people took a chance on an awkward and a non-confident type of kid and helped me learn and love the game that has had a huge part of my life for the last 45 years. Having been a coach myself, I understand all that goes into creating a team and building it up into a champion and I am so grateful for their selfless years of guiding teams I was on, often at great expense to themselves.

And my teammates, especially MairiAnne Longmore, Karen Blake, and Karoline Karpun who were my friends and roommates and who made training worth showing up for and helped pushed me to be a better athlete. So many of my teammates both in BC and across Canada from my National team career supported and pushed me to be the best lacrosse player and person I could be. I was so lucky when I found lacrosse. I would also like to thank my parents, who were not great fans of any sport I played but supported me financially and made it possible for me to travel with Team BC and the National Team. They never understood my addiction to the game but they were happy to support me and allow me to pursue all the opportunities that came my way”.

Trish Nicholson serves as a role model for the next generation of lacrosse players. Her longevity and accomplishments in the sport of lacrosse is an exceptional feat. And as a result – Trish Nicholson joins the Class of 2022 inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame in the Player category

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