CLHOF Induction Ceremony Headed to Ontario in 2023
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Matthew Black
Since its inception in 1966 – the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame Induction ceremony has been held in the lower mainland, predominately the City of New Westminster, British Columbia.1 However, in 2023 the Induction ceremony is planned for outside of British Columbia and celebrated in Ontario.
The Hall of Fame Board of Governors felt it was time and the ability to host outside BC is now possible. Matthew Black, Chairperson for the Canadian Lacrosse Hall commented, “Moving the Ceremony out of British Columbia is an idea discussed three years ago, which did not come to fruition at that time. However, when raised most recently at a Board Meeting, it found quick approval. As a Board, we are working to ensure the CLHOF is able to participate physically throughout Canada and reflects the nation and the sport of lacrosse (box, field, sixes, men, women) more than it has been able to in the past. 
The board is looking to alternate the Induction Ceremony between East and West, a clear signal the CLHOF is heading in the direction of being more accessible for other Canadian regions to participate in the CANADIAN Lacrosse Hall of Fame ceremony. Quite simply – It is the right thing to do!”.
Although planning is only in its preliminary stages, the response has been totally positive throughout the Ontario lacrosse community. Chuck Miller, the current Executive Director of the Ontario Lacrosse Association noted, “This would be the first time for the CLHOF Induction Ceremony to be held outside British Columbia, and would allow more Eastern Inductees to have their family and friends join them on their special day. Our Eastern Canada Committee working with the CLHOF Executive will make sure this is a well attended event with a great atmosphere”.
Greg Hummel, President of the Ontario Lacrosse Association echoed similar sentiments when he stated – “This is great news. Lacrosse enthusiasts across Ontario will be delighted when this happens”.
Although not finalized, it is likely the 2023 Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony would be held the week after the Ontario Lacrosse Annual General Meeting in the November 2023 when the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame Induction ceremony takes place.
  1. The Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame was first chartered in November 1964. Application to become incorporated was made in 1965. Selection committees were appointed in both Eastern and Western Canada to name the charter members. The committees met in Montreal in January 1966 and 48 founding members were inducted. In May of 1967, Tom Gordon, then President of the Canadian Lacrosse Association, officially opened the Hall of Fame premises, located in New Westminster’s Centennial Community Centre. Prior the opening of the new premises in 1967, the hall’s museum had been located at the New Westminster Museum & Archives on Royal Avenue. The CLHOF moved into its new premises in the Anvil Centre on its 50th Anniversary in November 2014.

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