Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame celebrates 25th Anniversary

Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame celebrates 25th Anniversary
Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame celebrates 25th Anniversary
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Chuck Miller
OLHOF Executive Committee
In 1993, a steering committee was formed to initiate the establishment of an Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame. Clearly successful as the Hall opened in the Fall of 1997. It was a joint venture of the City of St. Catharines, the Ontario Provincial Government, the Federal Government of Canada and the general lacrosse community of Ontario.
The year 2022 notes the 25th anniversary of the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame.1
On Saturday, May 14th from 12:00 noon until 2:00 p.m. the OLHOF will celebrate their 25th anniversary paying tribute to three lacrosse organizations:
1) Lady Blue Knights Field Lacrosse Club;
2) Fergus Thistles Senior “B” Lacrosse Club and;
3) Ontario 1982 Women’s Field Lacrosse World Cup Bronze Medal Champions. The Hall will remain open until 5:00 p.m. for general viewing.
Chuck Miller, who was a member of the initial Steering Committee and current President of the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame Executive Committee commented – “It will be a very special day, particularly for the living members of the start up committee of the OLHOF. They should enjoy seeing their dream come true to its current reality and the very impressive look of the Hall 25 years later”.
Lady Blue Knights Field Lacrosse
The Lady Blue Knights are the largest and most successful women’s field lacrosse organization in Canada. The Lady Blue Knights develop players who compete at the highest levels including Provincial, National, Ontario University and NCCA College lacrosse teams. Of note – in 2015, the U19 Canadian team which included players from the Blue Knights made history beating the Americans and being the first Canadian women’s field lacrosse team to win a World Championship.
Fergus Thistles – Senior “B”
Fergus Thistles won three consecutive Presidents Cups (1986, 1987, 1988) defeating the Newtown Golden Eagles in Surrey, British Columbia in 1986. In 1987, the Thistles defeated the hometown team from Sarnia. Fergus completed the hat-trick of National championships in 1988 defeating the Surrey Rebels in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Team Canada Women’s Field Lacrosse – 1982 – World Cup Bronze Medal Champions
The first Women’s Lacrosse World Cup took place in 1982 in Nottingham, England. The team Canada roster included players from Ontario, won the bronze medal defeating Scotland 9-4. The team did not receive any medals in 1982. Although all other international men’s and women’s world tournaments had been issued a Bronze medal, the Canadian team did not receive their medals. In 2020, World Lacrosse started to investigate the oversight.  
In 2021, the Canadian Women’s Alumni became involved and secured an actual medal and replicated it. The Alumni group sought opportunities to present the players with their medals. On November 14, 2021, the British Columbia based Team Canada members received their medals following the induction into the CLHOF of their 1982 team mate Michelle Bowyer. Team Canada players from Ontario will be receiving their medals on May 14th, 2022 at the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame. 
To view the OLHOF website, go to: Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame
  1. The Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame & Museum recognizes and celebrates the great game of Lacrosse, through historical, cultural, and athletic contributions to the sport; celebrating past and present achievements in Canada’s national sport, across the province. OLHOF Hall of Fame displays include: Inductees; Canada 150 Display; History of Lacrosse; Shooting Gallery; The Claxton Banner; The Globe Shield; Mohawk Village Display; 1908 Olympic Medal; Minto Cup Display; Mann Cup Display; Presidents Cup Display; Creators Cup; The Beers Book; Traditional Stick Making.
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